Here is what people have said about our 2 day workshop.

The weekend was packed full of great ideas and strategies to build a business. Suzanne is an excellent motivational speaker who has inspired me to act on my dreams. Thankyou.
Roslyn Harwood

I found the workshop to be very, very useful. On the first morning I was so sure this wouldn’t work for me – how wrong I was. I have discovered I could make some money from my craft and that my skills are worth something. It is now up to me, but what a great start. Thankyou Craft Into Cash and Suzanne Robinson.
Jane Low

jane Silcox

Jane Silcox

It has been a great learning experience. It has helped me plot a practical plan for myself as  a business woman. I believe I deserve to charge a realistic price for my crafting services. I have confidence in my ability to succeed in my business.
Jane Silcox
Heartful Owl

Thankyou for the insightful course. I came knowing there was stuff and things I could do to make a craft business, but I had no idea where to start. This course has clarified and given me an action plan. The community of others gave me tips and ideas and encouragement. I used to undervalue my time and myself. I now know that I am incredible and have an incredible talent that needs to be shared. Thankyou.
Rebecca Barclay


I was invited as a guest to participate in 30 Ways to Turn Your Craft Into Cash. As a mother of three young kids and a full time carer of my son Charley, who has Autism. I decided to start making clothes and items in which they could wear and enjoy. However since I have had people ask if I could make them for their children. I decided that I could make some money from my hobby and down time fun. After completing this course I am now confident in setting up my own business, designing and uploading patterns, creating blogs and stepping out of my comfort zone.
Amy Wardrope

Thoroughly enjoyable, well delivered, great information and content. The strategies given are achievable to starting my own business. Thankyou for the confidence you have instilled “I CAN DO THIS”.
Lorelle Hamilton > Coming Soon…

The information presented at this seminar helped to cement the information in the book, and also expanded on areas that helped make the application of the strategies easier and clearer. The learning environment was fun and entertaining – the time just flew by! All the questions I had going into the seminar were answered. Thankyou for all the work and time you invested in preparing for this event.
Rhonda Keuning
Hope in Heart

The course is very full on, well presented by Suzanne Robinson. Not only did I learn about the different marketing strategies, I was also guided on how to market my products in line with my long term business vision. Thankyou Suzanne for sharing the information.
Shyma Asokan

Extremely informative weekend. Lots of motivational and inspirational instruction. Suzanne and her team have constructed a very well run, well researched product.
Joyce Edmunds
Kookaburra Fabric and Crafts

The two days have been mind-blowing. My mind has been opened to a huge “new” world of selling and marketing. Yes, a lot of learning is involved but I will gain new skills and maybe a passive income into later life.
Anna Firmin

Had a great time. I came looking for direction as I felt a little lost. Thankyou I now have a plan.
Catherine Sotiriou

This workshop has broadened my horizons. I will be more active in the online space. I have the courage now to follow some dreams that were just dreams before.
Anna Walters


Kerrie Le Du

I first met Suzanne at the October 2013 Craft Fair and was inspired by her quick seminar to turn your Craft Into Cash. A friend booked the two day course and I was lucky enough to be the person to go along. The information I have learnt in the last two days is invaluable to me in the dilemma of starting a new business. I feel confident now after listening and seeking advice from the team that I can now pursue my business dreams of making my dream a reality. Thank you very much to all the ladies for your time and hopefully I will meet you again when you visit my ‘Bedazzled Beads’ Bead Store.
Kerrie Le Du
B’dazzled Beads Blog

Deirdre Lowe

Deirdre & Bill Lowe

I enjoyed the Craft Into Cash Workshop and was amazed at the amount of information that was packed into the two days. Suzanne certainly knows her stuff! Her presentation was great. She was approachable in her style, willing to answer questions, showing respect fo  the person posing the question and so knowledgeable in her answers. The information she shared was practical, down to earth, and ‘real’. Personal experience certainly came across and I feel I benefited from all of this. Bill my husband was a reluctant attendee but thoroughly enjoyed himself – much to my delight.
Deirdre Lowe
Rowan Tree

Great insight into setting up and succeeding in running a business.
Laraine Williamson

I enjoyed the two day workshop. I feel it will assist me and my friend Laraine in reaching our goals in the near future and beyond.
Jeanntte Webster

I had the great pleasure of attending the Craft Into Cash workshop in Brisbane. I came into the workshop with ideas on what I would like to sell and Suzanne’s clear and well organised material has given me the confidence to get my business launched and long-term make a great income from what I love to do. Suzanne delivers a thorough yet concise workshop which is highly recommended for anyone launching a new craft business or those wishing to take their current business to the next level and beyond.
Cheryl West