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3 tips to move your craft business forward

Often I met crafters at a fair and they come and hear me talk. They are all fired up and full of energy to go and build their businesses. But then sooner or later life get sin the way and

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6 Tips to get your Online Craft Store Christmas Sales ready.

Christmas shopping has started already. I had my first Christmas order back in October, so I know that the shoppers are out in force. The question is are you ready for them? What can you do to ensure your craft

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3 Ways to Promote your Handmade Business this Holiday Season

So often I hear Crafters say that the reason they started their business is because they gave a friend or family member a gift that they had made and the recipient said “This is so beautiful, you should sell these!”

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How to avoid Social Media overwhelm!

Managing your social media for your business can sometimes feel like a full time business on it’s own. I know myself I have often experienced social media overwhelm! That feeling of a rat on a treadmill trying to keep up,

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Stay in Touch for the latest projects!

Focused on building your Craft Business? Every week I offer great tips and advice to grow your Craft Business faster. I know your busy, so to make sure you don’t miss any tips be sure to follow Craft Into Cash

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