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My new favourite tool for photo editing

I am always on the lookout for tools and software to use to grow my business. I recently discovered Wordswag – which for some of you may be old hat, but I hadn’t heard of it until recently and now I

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How to avoid Social Media overwhelm!

Managing your social media for your business can sometimes feel like a full time business on it’s own. I know myself I have often experienced social media overwhelm! That feeling of a rat on a treadmill trying to keep up,

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4 Killer Ways to post on Facebook about your craft business

So by now you should have your Facebook page up and running, but now you may be thinking ‘What on earth do I post about?”. Well today I want to share with you 4 killer ways to post about your craft

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Facebook Tips to build your Craft Business

Social media is a fabulous way for crafters to build a buzz around their work and expand their market. No longer do craft businesses have to rely on market stalls as the only way for people to see their products.

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5 Tips for Mastering Technology in Your Craft Business

So often when building my craft businesses I find myself overwhelmed by technology! Sometimes it’s choosing a software provider, sometimes it’s adding a plugin to my blog, but inevitable I find the whole task overwhelming! Embracing and mastering technology is

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