De-clutter and Grow!

I have a love hate relationship with the moving process. Whether it is moving house, office or even just rooms within your house, I hate the boxing, the wrapping, the cleaning and those last few items that you can decide what to do with. But conversely, I love the clean slate; fresh start once your established in your new location.

The cleansing process of moving allows you to let get rid of all the ‘stuff’ that holds you back and start again with fresh perspective. I usually find the whole process very rewarding despite my dread.



Often a great way to kick start your business is to move. Whether it’s moving location or just moving things around, think about how you can apply this same theory of cleansing into your business. For example, Changing around you desk, or painting the wall behind your desk a different colour will make you feel engaged and proud to sit at your desk. Similarly with your craft supplies, go through and cleanse those that you don’t need. I have piles of stamps – yet I never scrapbook. So recently I decided to list them all in a de-stash Facebook group and I managed to sell quite a few and raise about $50. Not bad for about 30 minutes work – and now I have room in my studio and money in my wallet for something new that I will use! What do you have lying around that may help you fund the growth of your business?

Remember what they say – a clear desk equals a clear mind! Well, maybe not for us creative types, but a reorganisation can certainly help improve our creativity. Being able to readily find supplies, having and open space to be able to create when inspiration strikes can be invaluable. There is nothing more demotivating than having to sit down and clear some space before you can even begin creating. Too often by the time the space is ready the inspiration is gone.

Also don’t be afraid to cleanse materials you no longer need. Having a smaller collection of materials that inspire you will be more productive than holding on to boxes of supplies that you no longer need or use. I’m sure most of you have swooned over studio photos on Pinterest and thought “one day I want a creative space like that!”. But if you look more closely, they are not cluttered with piles of unused materials, they are carefully curated to store and display smaller quantities of materials that inspire.  This way the materials are more likely to get used, rather than sit on a shelf causing clutter.

My  challenge to you this month is to spend some time doing a clean-out and you’ll find a fresh perspective emerges!



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