3 tips to move your craft business forward

Often I met crafters at a fair and they come and hear me talk. They are all fired up and full of energy to go and build their businesses. But then sooner or later life get sin the way and it can be hard to keep the momentum going. Every business owner faces this at some point. Here are three things I do to recharge and refocus my energies:

My Vision Board – The first thing I do is go back to my vision board to do a quick reality check to make sure that all the activities I am doing are leading me closer towards my vision for my life. It helps me prioritize what’s working and what’s not. If it’s been a while since you got out your vision board I suggest you do a quick review and make sure that you are on track to achieve your dreams. If you don’t have a vision board I suggest you whip out those pens and paper and whip one up. Just let your mind run free and fill the paper with words and drawings to represent all that you want to achieve in your life. This is a really great activity to refocus your energy and remind you why you are doing this.

 Implement something new – whenever I feel a bit stale in my business I try and implement something new. I might introduce a new product or service, or try a new marketing tactic, such as a Facebook advertisement or attend a market I haven’t attended before. Whatever it is, I try and find some way of doing something new. Often it pays off and brings new revenue to my business, but also adds a bit of variation into my work, which keeps me interested.

Seek out inspiration – this is my little indulgence. I might go to a new market (as a buyer not a seller), or an antique store or groovy new café or interior design store or buy a new magazine. Whatever it is try and surround yourself with new ideas to inspire your work.

Hopefully these little tricks will help you refocus and re-energize when you need a little inspiration and momentum.


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