Set a goal that scares you.

Goals for 2014:stockvault-lion104471


Have a Baby – tick

Build my business – tick

Have a white Christmas – tick

Travel to France – tick

I just love it when a plan comes together. Right now my family and I are in Europe enjoying the spoils of a two-year plan. You see two years ago we decided that we would come to Europe for Christmas so we could visit France for the first time, and have a white Christmas.

Over the past two years we have all had to work hard to achieve the goal. There have been sales targets for my husband and I in our businesses and savings targets for our children. But after a long haul, we are now enjoying the fruits of our labor.

What started, as a pipe dream has become a reality. Now the thought of taking 4 kids under 9, from Australia to Europe at first sounded ridiculous! But as we broke down the steps into manageable chunks it didn’t’ seem so daunting.

For me this trip represented a big goal. Right up there with getting married or having children. It was a goal that I had to work hard for. And a goal that I have to say intimidated me. It would have been easy to brush it under the carpet and think one day I’ll go. Once the kids leave home. But I would have sat a long time waiting.

Instead I had the courage to say yes, we can do it. And shot for it. So I ask you, when was the last time you set a goal that scared you? That intimidated you? That you thought was wildest dreams stuff? You see even if you don’t hit, you’ll be a lot closer that you would be if you didn’t have the goal.

This year I challenge you to set a goal that scares you. I dare you!

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