Blank Slate Syndrome

When it comes to the end of the year, I always take a moment to reflect on my goals for the year. Have I achieved them? And what do I want to achieve next year?

You see I find that while I am in the momentum of the year I know all the things I want to achieve, but often don’t have time to. Then I usually take some time off over Christmas and come back in January to a blank slate and it takes a while to build the momentum again. You see in Australia, Christmas is compounded by summer holidays and anyone would think the world ends Christmas Eve. Everyone in every industry wants everything done by Christmas! It becomes this crazy false deadline that everyone has.Merry Christmas

Come January and everyone is floating around the Pacific Ocean on a lilo! So what I like to do is plan out what will I work on January now. How will I get a head start for the year, so that by the time the rest of the country comes back to work I am really into the swing of things. I use February to target more specific goals for the New Year.

So whilst the momentum is there are projects are bubbling, I encourage you to take 20 minutes out of the Festive chaos and think about what you are going to work on in the new year to avoid the January Blank Slate syndrome.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy and peaceful Christmas. Our family will be having our first ever white Christmas in Austria so it should be really exciting!


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