Let’s get ready to Christmas!

November is here. Festive season is approach. Buying has begun. I know some of you ignored me in September and now it’s like your cramming for your last exam!

Let’s review key activities for every craftpreneur this time of year:Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape

  • Make extra stock
  • Review all online listings to ensure they are all current and state last postage dates to ensure Christmas delivery
  • Do any last minute PR mail outs
  • Book Christmas Markets
  • Plan Handmade gifts for all friends and family
  • Offer customization of your products if appropriate.

November is probably the busiest month of the year for a Craftpreneur. So get focused, and increase your sales this Christmas.

Make sure you make notes along the way that you can use for next year. For example, how much stock do you have? What sells out over the coming 6 weeks? What kind of customer enquiries are you getting? Is there a question you are getting over and over? This will give you vital clues in what to improve for this time next year. So back to work!


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