Time to spring clean your range!

Every store can do with a little spring clean every now and then. Now is a great time to review your range and making some tweaks.

I challenge you this month to the following Spring Clean:file5741285305491

  • Review your product range and identify good sellers, clear poor sellers. Discount the poor sellers to move them out; they are just taking up good space in your head and studio.
  • Re-do photography to be consistent. This is important if you have added products over time. You will find that your photographs evolve over time and can look quiet different from your first to your last. It is worth re-photographing everything in one day and relisting, that way your items will have consistent feel.
  • Make colour palette consistent. This will have a similar effect as re-photographing. As your style has evolved over time your range can become disparate. It is definitely worth remaking your entire range in complimentary colours, so that when displayed on mass, be in at the markets or in your online store, it looks like a cohesive range.
  • Add common elements to all items in your range. It may be a shape or a graphic, but a small signature element that is consistent throughout your range will make your range seem professional.
  • Introduce one new item. This is probably the most fun task for the month. Come up with one new product. Create it, photograph it, write great copy and list it all by the end of the month.

If you can complete this checklist this month, your business will feel fresh and revived and your customers will notice it.

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