Exciting news! Free new video series launches this month!

I know it’s been forever since I did a blog post, but I have a really good reason!

First is I broke my arm in November at the Craft Fair in Adelaide, which put me out of action for a couple of months. Add to that the fact I was 7 months pregnant and say goodbye to January as well.

Then in February our newest addition arrived! And quite frankly I can’t stop cuddling him long enough to write a blog post!

But he is now 6 months old, so it is about time I got back to work!

So some really exciting news! Because I am not travelling this year and doing and public speaking our touring, I put together a video series which covers some really cool strategies that I normally discuss when I speak at Craft Fairs. So I thought if I’m not going to the craft fair I will bring the craft fair to you!

The video series starts next week, so to be on the list to get it register here. And I will send it out to you next week. If your serious about growing your craft business and  learning some really cool ways to build your craft skills into an income then make sure you register. After all it’s free so you can’t lose!

Then it’s back to business as usual with heaps more cool information to help you build your craft business over the coming months. So stayed tuned!


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