Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Happy New YearI just love the New Year! It brings such feelings of hopes and dreams. It’s a great time to re-prioritise and re-focus on what’s important. I also love the fact that in Australia it falls in the middle of Summer when most people are on holidays, so in some small way I always feel like I get a jumpstart on everyone else if I have a clear vision from January 1, rather than waiting till I return from holidays to focus on the year ahead.

Our family share a tradition where on New Years Eve we read out a list of our achievements for the past year. Throughout the year, whenever one of the children or my husband or myself achieve something special, I write it down on a piece of card and put it in a small pouch. On New Years Eve we then pull them our one by one and read them aloud. I think it is really important to reflect on what you have achieved. Too often we move from one activity to the next without actually pausing to take a moment and acknowledge how big some achievements are. This process is a real boost to morale and reminds us all to take time to celebrate what we have achieved.

We then write down our hopes and dreams for the coming year and put them into the pouch. It’s amazing the power of having a written goal. It’s much easier to measure if you hit it, if it is written down. And research shows that written goals are more likely  to be achieved than unwritten goals. The other reason I love this process is seeing what’s important to our children. Their goals are so innocent and beautiful, it makes me very proud to be their Mum.

So whatever your plans for New Year this year, I hope you take some time to reflect on what you have achieved in 2014, and truly celebrate the wonderful achievements you have made however small. And start to think about what you would like to achieve in 2015.

I would like to wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous 2015! I look forward to serving you all again in the New Year.

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