Catch those last minute Christmas sales

file000407888703A couple of weeks ago I shared with you how to capitalise on the last minute Christmas Shoppers. And now as we come down to the wire I would like to revisit a strategy that all craft businesses should put in place today if you haven’t already!

This week and next the last minute shoppers will desperately trawl the online shopping world looking for the perfect gift that can be delivered by Christmas. This will automatically rule out a huge percentage of products on the market as they won’t be able to be shipped in time for Christmas. However, offering a gift voucher to your store or for a specific product will allow your customers to purchase right up until the last minute.

The gift voucher could be for a specific dollar value or for a specific product which the gift recipient can then contact you later to choose colours and variations. When the buyer purchases the voucher, you can then email them an electronic version which includes instructions on how to redeem the voucher. Be sure to include a description of what is purchased (or dollar amount), an image (if for a specific item), expiration date, and your contact details.

Now is a great time to send out an email to your database telling them about your gift voucher options and how to purchase them. Using this strategy may give your business a real boost over the next week and also introduce your business to lots of potential new customers!


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