Increase your sales potential for 2015 for your Craft Business

file8631263254163In the midst of the busiest retailing period of the year, now is the time to be increasing your sales in 2015. Nuturing the customers you are getting this month can pay off big dividends for you next year. Here are some tips to encourage you existing customers to buy in 2015.

1. Gift with Purchase

Include an unexpected gift with each order, something just for the buyer to keep for themselves. It will be a nice surprise and foster a good relationship with the buyer. They will remember your store in the future. Think about it, when was the last time a department store included a free (unexpected) gift to say thank you for being a valued customer? If someone did that for you, would you remember them for a long time? Would you be more likely to purchase from them again?

2. Coupons

Not matter what time of year I always like to include a coupon with my purchases. For example when someone buys a pattern from me they get a coupon for $5 off their next purchase. Whether it is a dollar amount or a percentage or maybe a buy one get one free offer. Try to include something for your customer that they receive for re-purchasing from you that is not available to new customers. Be sure to include it with your item when you post it out.

3. Database

Every good business has a database. every time a new customer purchases from you, you should be recording their name and email in your database. This way you can continue to market direct to them next year. You can advise them or new products, holiday gift ideas or special promotions. You worked so hard to get this customer in the first place, don’t let them slip though you fingers. They are a proven buyer of your products so continue to stay in touch with them. It is 10 times more expensive to find a new customer as it is to keep a current one happy!

Follow these simple steps now to give your craft business the best chance for growth and success in 2015.



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