Invest in Yourself this Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving. Giving to others such as family and friends, but I also like to think of it as a time to give to ourselves. Each year I try and include a small gift for myself in my Christmas shopping. I also happen to have one of those husbands who is not a natural gift selector and needs a lot of guidance. So sometimes it is easier to just give him a list and then he can choose something from the list. So whether you have the opportunity to influence your gift from someone else or just chose a little something for yourself, Christmas is a great time to invest in yourself and buy something that you otherwise wouldn’t normally allow yourself.

Instead of opting for luxury items this Christmas, think about items that will help you continue to build your business in the new year. For example I love magazine subscriptions, because they continue to stimulate my creativity throughout the year with each new issue. Maybe it is a personal development or business book that will give you some new insights to apply to your business. Or maybe it is a new course, which will allow you to increase your skills in your area of craft or business in general.

Whatever it is that you chose, I recommend you use this opportunity as a time to invest in you and your future. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a trip to the Spa as much as the next person, but I also know that sometimes investing in tools now, will allow many more visits to the Spa in the future. So consider this your time to invest in yourself and you future.

And of course if you are stuck for ideas, then I have a range of books and courses available that will stimulate your craft business growth. To find our more click here or just email this link to your significant other!!




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