5 Ways to Increase last minute Christmas sales in your Craft Business

2012-12-18-16.53.39Not all Christmas shoppers are equal. There are the early birds, who got in last month and were very organised securing all their gift giving needs. Then there are the slowly but surely ones, who steadily add to their present collection throughout the retail period. And then there are the last minute panic buyers, who feel like the whole Christmas period just snuck up on them. This last group can be a very lucrative market for those craft business owners who know how to meet their needs.

1. Update all your listings to include an express post delivery option. This gives the last minute buyers a chance to pay a premium for shipping but enables them to get their presents delivered on time.

2. Include final guaranteed posting dates in your listing for delivery by Christmas. Give buyers the piece of mind that by ordering by certain dates their items are guaranteed to arrive. Visit your local post office and check with them first. you may have several dates listed. For example you might say:

Last order day for guaranteed delivery by Christmas for:

International Orders Dec 1

National Orders Dec 1

Within your State Dec 22

Local pick up or delivery in your town Dec 24

This way you may get sales right up until December 24th, whereas if you didn’t stipulate this orders might die off around mid December as buyers start to worry there is not enough time for postage.

3. Offer a gift wrapping service and direct to recipient postage. Many shoppers are only going to repacking and ship the item to family and friends anyway. So include an option in you listing for gift wrapping and offer to add a card with a personalised message, and direct shipping to the recipient. This allows for a quicker turnaround for last minute buyers.

4. Be clear on custom order listings. Ensure all custom orders have a stated lead time. If an item will take 2 weeks to make you need to state that as you don’t want customers disappointed that their item hasn’t arrived for Christmas. Similarly, you may find that customers are surprise by quicker turnarounds such as 1-2 days, and be more likely to buy as they know there is still time for it to arrive for Christmas.

5. Offer gift vouchers or future delivery custom orders. This is a great way to get sales right up until Christmas morning, or whenever you stipulate the cut off is. The best way to do this is list a gift voucher for your store or a gift voucher for a custom item that the gift recipient can then specify their colour or name choices for at a later date. Then offer to email the gift certificate within 1 day of purchase or 1 hour of purchase – be sure to choose a time that suits you. This way customers can order right up until the last minute as the email is instant delivery, so they can just print he gift certificate and include it with a card.

These are a few simple things you can do to ensure you capitalise on the last minute Holiday shopping frenzy!


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