Emerald Library Author Talk

I am so excited to be heading off to Emerald next week for my Author talk at Emerald library. I am talking about Emerald in Central Queensland, not to be confused with the Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City, which my son keeps calling it!

On Monday 29th September at 10.30am I will be presenting at the Emerald Library for a 45 minute talk. I will be donating copies of my book 30 Ways to Turn Your Craft Into Cash to the library and talking to local crafters about how to Turn their craft into cash. After the talk I will be available to answer questions.

The talk is free to attend and everyone is welcome, so if you happen to be in the Emerald area and would like a bit of inspiration and direction on where to take your craft business then I would love for you to come along and introduce yourself.

I’m looking forward to meeting some wonderful rural crafters and sharing with them ways they take their craft businesses to the world all the way from rural Queensland!

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