Christmas PR – now’s the time!

2012-12-18-16.53.39Christmas is a great time to get your business and products featured in newspapers, magazines and on blogs. Many publishers prepare gift guides for their readers and are always looking for new and exciting products to feature.

Whilst Christmas may seem months away, editors everywhere are now working on their December issues and so those gift guides that will flood the market in December are actually being prepared now. So if you are hoping to get your products featured now is the time to be sending out your press releases.

In our Million Dollar Marketing for Crafters Program we cover writing Press Releases in detail and tips and tricks to getting your business and products featured. But if you are new to press releases, then a good place to start is with bloggers that you think share your target market. A simple email introducing yourself and your products is a great way to start.

You have to remember all media, blogs included, get a lot of submissions from businesses to feature their products. Many will request advertising spend in return for editorial, and this can become expensive. So what I recommend to most crafters starting out, is that in return for your product being featured you offer a product to giveaway as a competition for the publisher. That way their readers are more likely to pay attention to the product as there is a chance they could win one, and it feels a lot less pushy. The publisher also likes it because they get to give something to their readers. If you are going to offer a product for them to giveaway, then make sure you include that in your introductory email.

Finally, make sure your email has all your important contact details so the editor can get in touch with you, but also so their readers know where to go to buy your products.

If your looking to expand your business and attract new customers, then press coverage is a great way to do that. With a little bit of planning and work now, you could see your products featured in Christmas gift guides all over the country, and thus set yourself up for a bumper Christmas sales period.


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