Christmas Planning – how to make the most of the busy retail season

secret santaTis that time of year again when Christmas is fast approaching! And as a Craftpreneur it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas marketing. The Christmas period is a great time to boost your sales and your confidence in your business. With a little bit of planning now, you will breeze through the busiest retailing period of the year.

1. Setting your goals – In order to have a successful Christmas season you need to know how you are going to define success. You can start by setting some goals such as how much stock do you want to have ready, what are your sales goals, where are you going to spend your marketing energy to get you the sales? Are you going to do extra markets or promotions in your Etsy store. Taking the time to plan out your goals will help keep you clear on what you need to do to prepare for success over the coming months.

2. Plan your marketing – How are you going to capitalise on the Christmas sales period? Are there pop up Christmas markets you are going to do? Do you want to approach new retailers to range your stock? Now is the time to start booking your stalls, approaching retailers and planning your online promotions. Also think about any advertising placements you want to do and book those now.

3. Have a plan – Having a month by month plan will ensure you get through all the things you need to do without stress. For example, you may dedicate September to planning and setting up all your marketing. You may also approach retailers, book market stalls – basically handle all the logistics. The October and November may be focussed on building your stock levels. Then December can be free to just manage orders and making any last minute custom orders. By planning out in advance you will ensure that when the Christmas rush hits, you are ready to capitalise on every opportunity.

This is such an exciting time of year for crafters. It can be a great time to grow your business if you are well prepared. So start preparing now for your most successful Christmas yet!



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