At what point should you give up?

Building a business, any business, including a craft business, can sometimes be a slow and arduous task. Taking your hobby to a business requires commitment and dedication. But when the initial sales start to slow and life gets in the way, many crafters find themselves thinking – should I really be doing this? What am I thinking? Can I really make a living out of my craft skills or am I kidding myself?


It is what you do at this point that will determine whether your business will be a success. Many will choose to quit, to give up their dream of becoming a full time crafter. And others they will push through and ultimately succeed. You see, if you are prepared to do whatever it takes until you succeed, it is inevitable that you will succeed. Maybe you need to tweak your product or your marketing strategy, but if you are prepared to keep doing that until you find a winning combination then you will succeed.

Sometimes removing the money from the equation can help. Set yourself goals that don’t involve money such as number of sales, number of Facebook likes, number of new enquires. Work on other areas of your business, for example to increase your client contacts and this will take the pressure off you a bit, and will still lead to more sales in the long run.Don’t think that every successful crafter out there hasn’t had this experience. They have. But they made the choice to keep going. So don’t quit on yourself, even though things may seem a little slow. Rather embrace the challenge and look at what you have been doing. What can you change or do differently to get a different result?

So at what point should you give up? When you know for sure that you do not want to have a craft business. If you want a craft business, just a more successful one, then focus on that and go for it. If you quit you will never have the business of your dreams, but if you keep going, even just small steps forward you will get there!

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