How to avoid Social Media overwhelm!

Managing your social media for your business can sometimes feel like a full time business on it’s own. I know myself I have often experienced social media overwhelm! That feeling of a rat on a treadmill trying to keep up, yet at the same time wondering if I am getting anywhere. This week I’ve got   a few tips to help you avoid social media overwhelm.


1. Have a plan. Plan in advance what you are going to talk about and when. For my businesses I have a monthly schedule where I plan each message or image I am going to post and when. For example, every Tuesday I will post my latest blog entry, then friday I will post a quote. On the second wednesday of the month I will post a special. This way when I manage my social media I am far more proactive than reactive. I know what I need to post and when.

2. Manage social media in bulk. There are a number of free softwares available that allow you to schedule your social media posts in advance and to multiple sites. This is a great timesaver and allows you to manage multiple networks without having to log on to each one separately. I use Hootsuite which has a great free version or you can upgrade to a paid version to add more features and networks.



3. Limit your time. With mobile phone access it is easy to become distracted in the world of social media and waste hours of your time. Limit your time to what you can afford and don’t go over it – period! I allocate 1 hour a week to work in Hootsuite and schedule my posts – I usually do 1 month in advance, but the blog posts I need to do each week as they come out. That’s it for structured business engagement. After that if I have a spare 5 minutes whilst waiting for the kids to finish school or an after school activity I might browse my favourite sites on my phone and may share anything interesting I see.

I have found that my using these few little strategies that my productivity has significantly increased and my overwhelm significantly decreased! Remember, when your first starting out, you can’t be everywhere all the time, so just choose 1 or 2 social media sites to focus on and get them right first, then add more if you have time


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