Using your business skills for charity – a great way to give back

I was watching an episode of 19 Kids and Counting recently, and I found myself envious of the heart and spirit of the Duggar Family. It was the episode where they were preparing for their Duggar Family Flea Market, to raise money for their local hospital NICU. I was blown away with the energy and enthusiasm of the whole family to raise money for charity. Their ‘launch’ strategy was so comprehensive and included media strategies, something that would normally be seen in a business environment where the goal was to make a profit for business, rather than a charitable donation.

And it got me thinking, how have I used my business skills lately purely for the good of others? Not for profit for me or my family, but for the benefit of others? And I realised I was in the middle of it!

For the last few weeks, members of The Handmade Swap have been working on a charity swap. Normally members send handmade gifts to another member, and receive one in return. But this swap is different. This time I asked members to make an item to donate to a charity and send it to the charity. But they would receive nothing in return, just that special feeling that comes from helping others.

For this years charity swap we choose to help Knitting For Brisbane’s Needy, a great organisation that distribute handmade items to the homeless community of Brisbane and surrounding areas. They are always looking for donations of warm items, particularly at this time of year. Over the past week members have been posting in our Facebook group some of the things they are sending off, and I am blown away by the generosity of our wonderful members.


I realised I am part of something special. I have been able to use one of my businesses to help others, to engender a group of passionate crafters to donate to a wonderful cause. This is one of the benefits of having your own business. And I have to admit, it is really nice to take the emphasis of ‘me’ for a while and put it on helping others. I am proud that my business has been able to contribute to the community in such a positive way. And whilst it may not be a financial gain, it is certainly a success to know that you made a difference.

So this week I would encourage to think about about how you can get your business involved in helping others. Maybe you could donate some products to a charity to include in their next auction, or sell something on eBay and donate the proceeds to charity (they have a special button to check and they will so it for you). Or maybe you could just get together some of your local crafters to create something special. Whatever you choose do, I guarantee you it’s a great way to give back to the community and creates a real sense of satisfaction with your craft business.

P.S. If you are interested in donating some handmade items to the charity swap for The Handmade Swap click here to find out more information. You don’t have to be a member to participate in the charity swap.

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