4 Killer Ways to post on Facebook about your craft business

So by now you should have your Facebook page up and running, but now you may be thinking ‘What on earth do I post about?”. Well today I want to share with you 4 killer ways to post about your craft business.

1. Images – it is a proven fact that posts that include images on Facebook are more effective than those without. And given that you are in the business of creating beautiful things, you want to share them with the world every chance you get. Make sure every single post you do on Facebook, has an image. A great way to do this is have a photography day and photograph as many things as you can that you have made, materials you use, your workspace and if relevant your products on display at either market stands or in stores. Save all these images to a folder on your computer so you always have an image handy to use for your posts.


2. Story – use Facebook as a tool to tell the story of your business. People buy from people they like and trust. Use Facebook to share bit and pieces about you, your production process, what inspires you, and why you do what you do and it will build trust in the eyes of your customer. they will also identify with you and connect with your products. Sharing your story a piece at a time is a great way to generate content without feeling like a pushy salesman the whole time shouting ‘Buy from me!’. It shows you customer that you want to share your creativity with them not just access their wallet.

3. Engaging Posts – try to write posts that engage the reader. This means a post that asks them to do something, think about something or contribute to something. For example preview a work in progress and ask what colour scheme they would like to see? Show them when new materials arrive and what they would like to see you make from them? Ask whether they like design A or B better. Not only does it engage your ready so they feel like they have input into your products, but it can also give you great insight into what your customers want, so you can deliver it to them – of course!

4. Reward your customers loyalty – use Facebook as a place to reward your customers for liking you and allowing you to appear on their newsfeed. You can do this by posting Facebook only promotions where you release the code only on Facebook, or giving them access to pre-release stocks to buy before the general public. This way your customer will be more engaged with you and will look out for your posts rather than scanning over them.

Well I hope this has given you some inspiration to creating killer Facebook posts to help you build your craft business. Now go out and create an active and engaged Facebook community around your brand!

Until next time – I wish you Prosperous Crafting!

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