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I really love sharing success stories. I have found in my own journey that, if you tell me what to do I get it, but tell me how someone else did it and I get excited. You see sometimes you just need to see that it is possible, other people have done it and you can too, so that is why I love to share the success stories of other crafters.jane3

Jane Silcox recently attended one of my workshops. She is a very talented lady who was passionate about sewing and wanted to share her skills with others. She recently taught her very first children’s sewing class, and it was such a big hit, that the kids actually asked to do it again!

Jane now regularly runs both children’s sewing and adults quilting classes in Brisbane. You can get all the details and sign up for her classes on her very snazzy blog www.heartfulowl.com.au. Congratulations Jane, you are a role model for success!

DSCN2004-300x281What I love about Jane’s story is, it’s relatable. Jane is someone who has worked away consistently and persistently at building her business, and in a relatively short time, she has achieved amazing results. It just starts with one class, one online listing, one podcast. However you choose to share you craft skills and passion with the world, just start. If Jane can do it, so can you!

Remember I am always looking for craft business success stories to share with my readers. If you are on your way to building a successful craft business and would like to share your story and inspire other women to achieve their dreams, drop me an email at info(at)craftintocash(dot)com.


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