Two magic words: Consistency and Persistency

Over the years I have met many successful crafters, who have created empires out of their craft skills and passion. I have also met lots of highly skilled crafters who yearn to making a living from their crafts, so they can spend everyday doing what they love to do. And I ask myself, why do some crafters make the transition from hobby to business and some not?


Last night it came to me, I was editing some videos of a recent workshop and looking at all the faces in the crowd. I was thinking about where each of them is now on their craft business journey? Have they followed through? Have they taken the action required? You see the content I teach in my workshops is gold – I lay it all out for you. Every step, everything you need to do to build a successful craft business. So why is it that some people attendee my workshops and have great success and others don’t? Two simple words: Consistency and Persistency!

In fact it doesn’t matter whether your building a craft business or any type of business, consistency and persistency are key. I have seen people come out of the gates all guns blazing, ready to take on the world – only to burn out within a few weeks. Things get hard, you hit an IT issue, you don’t get any sales for a few weeks – so it is time to quit, right? Well for most people it is. However, for those few that are dedicated and focused, then this is when they ramp it up. Do more, push harder. Be persistent and consistent when building your business, it will allow you to move past any obstacle.

I know this from first hand experience. I can tell when I haven’t been consistent and persistent in my own business. Sales drop, social media interaction backs off, new leads drop off. As soon as this happens, I think back to the last few weeks, and bang there it is, I have slacked off. So I refocus, get back in the game and like magic everything turns around again!

So if you haven’t been getting the results you want in you business lately, then I would encourage you to look at your own behaviour. Don’t worry about your product, or price point, or colours etc. Look at what you’ve done to build your business, have you embraced the challenge and worked away at it, or have you let it slip because you’ve hit a roadblock or two?

It’s probably you, not your product. So do something. Connect with your customers, promote your business, get out there and chip away it. I guarantee you, if you consistently and persistently work on your business you will be successful. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t quit you’ll make it.

Be true to yourself and give your business the best chance of success. If you feel you’ve slacked off a bit lately and let life get in the way of your business, then make a promise to yourself: “For the next 7 days, I will consistently and persistently grow my business.” And do it. Then when you get to the end of the 7 days, give yourself a high 5 and say “yes I did it” then make another promise to yourself for the next 7 or 14 days.

You see every successful crafter I know, has these two characteristics in common. They have consistently and persistently built their craft business. They have pushed through, where others have stopped. And that is difference. Anyone can have a successful craft business, it just depends how much they want it? and how hard they are prepared to work for it? Be persistent and consistent at building your craft business and before you know it, you will be really successful!

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