Christmas Gifts are a great way to build your business

If you’re a craftsperson, who already has, or is intending to turn your craft skills into a business, then Christmas time is a great time to get some free Marketing for your products. This festive season, make sure every gift you give is one of your products. When people get to see your work and receive their very own handmade gift they are more likely to talk about it with their friends and family, which ultimately will lead to new sales for you!
So if you find yourself browsing the halls of your local department store this Christmas, stop and ask yourself, what could I make, instead of buy for your friends and family this Christmas. Support your own business this Christmas not the large retail chains.

If you don’t think your particular product is suitable for everyone you know, then find another talented craftsperson nearby and share your items with them. That way you can mix it up a bit, you give a few of your products and a few of theirs to your friends and family and vice versa. This is a great way to reach new people who may not of seen your products before, and you introduce another craftspersons products to your friends and family. Everybody wins!

However you choose to do it this Christmas, just be sure to support your local economy, if not your own business then the talented craftspeople that are also trying to build an income from their craft, just like you. Imagine if everyone bought Handmade this Christmas – that would be hundreds of millions of dollars into the Handmade community -wow! We may not get everyone to shop handmade, but at least we can start with ourselves.
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